I began my interest in Functional Medicine after suffering with digestive, hormonal, neurological and detoxification imbalances. Before setting in this direction, I had tried conventional medicine which only partially helped with a few of my problems. Eventually my health research led me to find Functional Medicine which is what helped me get back to optimal health.

Using Functional Medicine and laboratory testing I was finally able to unravel the mystery of my symptoms (intestinal bacteria, adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroid). I finally knew what was wrong, and was able to implement an individualized treatment to heal.

Since then I have been helping others to reach optimal health and to overcome their IBS. I also have extensive expertise as a Body Transformation, Lifestyle, Mindset and Health Coach. On top of this I am a qualified Nutrition and Functional Medicine Consultant...

  • Level 1 Hompes Method Functional Nutrition Practitioner
  • Level 2 Hompes Method Functional Medicine Practitioner

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