I started this program with Haisam a little bit cynical, thinking its most probably not going to work. Since my early 30s I've had a whole host of nagging health problems, ranging from an irritated gut, constant fatigue and terrible PMS.

I've seen many doctors and health practitioners over the years and have spent a fair amount of money trying to resolve these issues without much success.

I have now been working with Haisam for a few months and to my complete surprise & amazement the changes I feel are truly remarkable. With him I have discovered I had H pylori, a type of bacteria in my digestive tract and also a Candida infection which were the main causes of my symptoms.

Through scientific lab testing, changes in diet, natural supplement protocols & balancing out my sleep pattern, my symptoms have reduced by 90%. My gut has calmed down for the first time in 10 years, my body pain has subsided and I hardly have any PMS. My energy levels have improved, I've lost a stone in weight & I generally feel really positive.

- Hasina Begum, London, UK

Coming from times of big emotional and physical stress my health and overall well being were quite compromised.

Despite having what I thought was a quite healthy lifestyle, exercising and taking vitamins and supplements, I was still suffering from abdominal bloating, stomach pain, other strong digestive disorders, low energy, difficulty getting up in the morning, fatigue not relieved by sleep, lethargy, loss of appetite, frequent colds and flues, increased time to recover from injuries, mood swings, often feeling tearful, anxious and hopeless, painful PMS, foggy brain, decreased ability to handle stress and mild depression.

Meeting Haisam was a blessing.

I started working with him in June 2015 and after running a stool test we discovered I had Giardia (a parasite) and a Candida infection.

Thanks to his unique and unconventional dietary advice, his precise herbal protocol to get rid of the “bad bugs” and vital lifestyle changes, in less than 3 months my overall health improved dramatically.
My energy levels improved drastically, my digestive disorders are gone, appetite is back and PMS disappeared. Now I wake up full of energy and I am not anxious and hopeless as before, I actually feel calmer and positive in dealing with life stresses. I can think more clearly and can enjoy life again without the constant feeling of being sick.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Haisam for all your help, your dedication, your patience, your passion, your knowledge and the enlightening information I learned. You put my life back on track and taught me how to stay on track and be healthy for life.

- Chiara D’Arcangelo, London, UK

I had been fighting a losing battle with bloating and other digestive issues for a long time. I also was carrying a lot of excess weight, had skin blemishes and knee pain. After trying several failed attempts at solving my problems I was left frustrated and confused.

I made the decision to work with Haisam and it was a turning point in my life. After 90 days my bloating and digestive issues have disappeared. As a side benefit I lost 10 kg, my skin blemishes have cleared up and my knee pain drastically reduced.

- Aiman B, London, UK

I can say, without exaggeration, that working with Haisam transformed my life: For more than a decade, I struggled with symptoms ranging from irregular bowel movements, bloating and constant fatigue to headaches, severe PMS, anemia, eczema and facial warts.

Although I consulted a variety of professionals from a range of disciplines, it seemed there would be no solution. This all changed when I met Haisam.

Under Haisam’s guidance, a few dietary and lifestyle changes and a course of supplements transformed not only my health, but also my entire outlook.

Best of all was that Haisam investigated and explained the causes of my symptoms: I discovered, for example, how spells in hospital, operations, multiple courses of antibiotics and bacteria had impacted on my digestive health; that I was intolerant to my previously gluten-rich diet.

With this understanding have come the confidence and the know-how to maintain optimal health for a lifetime.

- Lucy E, Wandsworth, UK

I started working with Haisam post pregnancy & after I had stopped breastfeeding.

I went to him with the key goals of decreasing my constipation & bloating. As well increasing my energy levels to be able to cope with a full time job and an 8 month old baby.

Following an advanced stool test, I found out I had a bacteria called H Pylori which was causing some of my digestive issues. Through diet, decreasing exercise (yes you read right!) and a bespoke supplementation program I experienced huge improvements on all fronts.

Firstly, my digestive issues disappeared. Not only that but I found the energy to keep up with my daughter. I also lost 4kg and with it came a nice flat, toned tummy!

The whole journey with Haisam has been eye opening and the changes are for life.

- Clara De Rosa, London, UK

To say that I was skeptical of working with Haisam is in an understatement. I’d been introduced to him and had heard of his excellent reputation in tackling IBS but I really did insist on seeking medical advice so I went to see two top “gastro consultants”. Both confirmed I had IBS but their best solution was to just manage my symptoms and learn to live with it.

That wasn’t good enough for me so I came back with my tail between my legs and asked for Haisam’s help!

Taking the test was the best bit of the process because it finally showed me what was wrong with me and something could be done to change it. The test showed that I had a parasite infection, bacterial overgrowth and very poor digestion.

I was able to re-evaluate my diet and eliminate foods that were aggravating my symptoms. Haisam put together a gut protocol which meant putting me on supplements that in turn helped get rid of my parasite, the bacterial overgrowth and improved my digestion completely.

Needless to say I would definitely recommend working with Haisam. Mainstream professional advice that I’d been following didn’t help me at all and I was beginning to feel hopeless. Haisam showed me that I don’t have to live with IBS, I didn’t have to learn to manage it, and I can get rid of it for good and start enjoying life again. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for me.

- Shahira Maarouf, London, UK

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