What is Functional Medicine? +

Functional Medicine is a science-based form of health care that acknowledges the biological uniqueness of every person; it takes into consideration the link between all your body systems and requires an individualized approach to restore optimal health.

Through scientific laboratory testing we look for the underlying causes of your problems rather than just suppressing symptoms which is often so typical in conventional health care. The root cause usually stems from an imbalance of the digestive, hormonal or detoxification systems.

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How does the lab testing work? +

Most of the lab tests are done in the comfort of your own home. You get a test kit with instructions. When you’re done, you send the samples through the mail to the lab. Depending on the test I get the results in 2-3 weeks and we will go over what it all means at your next appointment.

How much do lab tests cost? +

All lab fees are paid to the lab company. I typically use the following labs: Genova Diagnostics, Invivoclinical and Trace Elements. The costs of individual lab tests may range from £150-£400 depending on what test/s are required.

Perhaps the most common test I give my clients is the Diagnostic Solutions, GI-MAP DNA Stool Analysis which costs £290.

Where do the consultations take place? +

The consultations take place on Skype or by phone. I occasionally meet with clients if they are based in the London area.

Can I reschedule the consultation and what is the refund policy? +

You can reschedule your consultation at least 48 hrs before your appointment.
If you want to cancel your consultation you should do so 48 hrs before your appointment to get your refund.

What is your background? +

I have worked in the health and fitness industry for 7 years. I am a qualified Body Transformation Coach, a Biosigniture Modulation Practitioner and Lifestyle Consultant.
I then studied, trained and qualified as a Nutrition and Functional Medicine Consultant using the Hompes Method.
I am continuously doing ongoing research, studies and training in the field.

How will I know your program is working? +

You will know by feeling your health going up the vitality scale and your symptoms getting better.

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