If you are thinking of working with me, here is some extra information about the services I offer and what outcome you can expect from each service. 

All consultations with me are conducted over the phone or by Skype, so we can work together no matter where you are located. If you live in London, face to face consultations are an option. 

My services are split into two main parts: Discovery & Recovery 

Discovery is all about finding out what is causing your IBS.  Recovery is all about following an individualized program to help you get better and restore your gut back to health. 

20 Minute Free Consultation

This is an opportunity to ask me any questions you like, for us to explore your situation together and for me to explain how I can help in greater detail. If you would like to talk with me, please fill out the form here and I will be in touch. There is no charge for an initial consultation, it's at my expense.   

Discovery package 

As previously mentioned, the discovery package is all about finding out what is causing your IBS. At the end of this process you won’t be recovered from your IBS just yet, but you will finally have answers.

This is so important because for many people, simply finding what on earth is happening in their gut is the most difficult thing of all. How can you fix something when you have no idea what the problem is?

The discovery package will detect the causes and then you will be able to start down the path towards recovery. 

We find the answers using the following methods... 

60-90 Minute Consultation - Your story is the most important component to your case. A regular GP usually has very limited time (8-10 minutes) to consult with you. I will take all the time necessary to make sure all the relevant facts have been taken into consideration.

Health Questionnaire – By analyzing your total lifestyle and history, we discover crucial clues to what may have initiated your symptoms so that I can design a lifestyle and supplement program that will really help you feel better. 

Biomeasurements Analysis – We will look at your waking auxiliary temperature and waking pulse. These markers indicate a lot about metabolism and hormonal balance which can give us even more insight into what is causing your IBS. 

Food Diary Analysis – This will give us a clear picture of your current eating habits and how you can make adjustments such as removing any harmful foods and replacing with good foods. You will also be given nutrition recommendations to start you in the right direction. These changes to your nutrition will make a big difference.

Comprehensive Stool Test - A stool test is necessary to detect if any parasites, bacteria or yeast overgrowth are the cause of your symptoms. To remove issues like these, we need to know specifically what type of bug is causing problems and this can only be done with a very advanced stool test. 

In addition, it tests for markers of gut immune system strength, inflammation and poor digestion. This is an essential test for those with digestive distress (IBS). 

These lab tests are much more comprehensive than traditional tests, they are the most advanced of their kind in the entire world (they can detect over 25 different bugs) and are not available from your GP. 

Recovery Package 

After you have completed the discovery package you will be eligible for my recovery package which is all about getting you better.

We take the answers we found in the discovery phase and based on those findings we design a step by step protocol to help you recover over the next 90 days (approx).

The ultimate goal of the recovery program is to drastically reduce or even entirely eliminate your IBS altogether. 

2 hours consultation per month (30 min- consulting time per week) - This is to help you tweak dietary habits specifically to meet your body's demands, and work through the individualized supplement protocols for removing “bad bugs,” restore gut health, begin hormone support and supporting liver function. 

We will also have strategic checkpoints by doing lab retests to monitor your progress and the effectiveness of your program.  We want to get you into a position in which you are not only experiencing greatly improved health, but are also in a position of self-sufficiency and ensure your long term success. 

Diet Analysis and Updates - I shall continue to help you fine-tune your own eating patterns. This important stage of the recovery program, helps us in a timely manner implement the diet principles and tweak them so that we find what exactly works with you and gives your body what it needs to heal and build energy. 

Biomeasures Analysis - I routinely ask clients to track their basal morning temperature and heart rate variability. These markers indicate a lot about metabolism and hormonal balance. They are important to optimize your cellular metabolism during the recovery program. We also measure morning blood sugar levels to identify one of the most important stresses in the body.

Lab Test Interpretation/Program Design - Your gut health, hormones, immune system, liver, nutrient deficiencies, etc. all need to be tackled in an individualized manner and not just a cookie cut general program for anyone. 

When I interpret your lab test results and we know what is causing your ill health, I will put together a supplement protocol (where needed) particularly designed for your case. 

Email Support - This is for quick queries and clarifications to keep your program and understanding of nutrition and protocol going smoothly. 

Access to Basic Nutrition Information - Pulling together the meal/recipe information into a format that's easier to understand and follow.  You will receive a food list that differentiates between the food that we will start with and what will be eliminated. It will also help with the foods that you will be able to add back in again. 

You will receive example meals to make it easier to start on your healing journey.  You will also have access to information that will explain the benefits and the dangers of certain foods, knowledge about the three macronutrients and why they are important to your body, and more.

If you would like to sign up for one of these packages or just simply want further information about these packages, please book an appointment to speak with me here.

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