Functional Medicine is a holistic science-based form of health care that acknowledges the biological uniqueness of every person and how your digestive function, nutrient status, hormones, stress, immune and detox systems, can affect your situation.

In Functional Medicine, we focus on addressing the underlying cause of health problems rather than just suppressing symptoms. This leads to lasting improvement and genuine healing.

My approach to help clients get back to optimal health is a step by step process that allows them to make sustainable changes, instead of just mitigating symptoms or passing a quick fix protocol.

Functional Medicine gives me the tools to understand:

  • Why my clients have developed symptoms
  • How these symptoms have developed based on how the human body functions
  • How to assess on paper my clients to determine the likely cause(s) of their symptoms
  • How to use specific functional laboratory tests to uncover the causes of their symptoms
  • How to implement a step-by-step nutrition and lifestyle programme to help my clients get back optimal health
  • How to design specific and individualised nutritional supplement protocols to address their lab test findings

Through lab testing, individualized nutrition and lifestyle coaching I work with clients that suffer with IBS to help them rejuvenate their health and in turn gain back a more fulfilling life.

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